Faculty of Engineering and Technology

MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (MSRUAS), Bangalore is a private university established by Karnataka State Act in 2013. It is sponsored by Gokula Education Foundation (Medical) trust.  It is recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and also a Member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).  It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in varied fields such as design, pharmacy, dental surgery, hotel management, science, dialysis therapy technology, medical radiology, physics, chemistry, maths, technology, etc.


Faculty of Engineering and Technology offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in Engineering and Technology areas.





Innovation Centre in Bio-Medical Engineering

The main objectives of this Centre are:

  • To develop
    1. Biomedical Devices and Systems for health monitoring
    2. Implants and Prosthesis s
    3. Biomedical devices to assist health care professional for surgical operations and rehabilitations (pre, post and during operations)
    4. Virtual models for visualisation by clinicians to plan surgical operations and 3D printing of medical models
    5. Healthcare mobile apps
    6. Futuristic technology products for health care
  • To patent the technologies developed
  • To Commercialise the patents through Biomedical companies


Action Plan

  • Location of Centre
    1. Will be located in the University House
    2. Will be jointly owned by RUAS and GEF-Medical
  • Creation of a Governing Council
  • Appointment of Chief Technology and Product Commercialisation Officer
  • Appointment of Engineering Staff
  • Identifying Principal Advisors
  • Organising Group Meetings
  • Developing product development and commercialisation Route Map for the next five years
  • Planning of Resources and Commissioning of Resources
  • Inauguration of the Facility
  • Start of Operations


Establishment Year
University Name
MS Ramaiah University , Bangalore
College Status
University House, Gnanagangothri Campus New BEL Road, M S R Nagar, Bangalore Karnataka, INDIA - 560 054.

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